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Shikari Full Hindi Movie 2000 | Bollywood Movies Govinda

Shikari Full Hindi Movie 2000 | Bollywood Movies Govinda, Karishma Kapoor, Tabu, Paresh Rawal, Johnny Lever. The movie story deals with Virendra a business tycoon in Cape Town, South Africa. His sister Rajeshwari, wife Suman and his mother are his only relatives. Virendra’s marital life is in apparent discord, since he has never had any relations with Suman. One day, Virendra gets a rival in business world in form of Mahendra Pratap Singh. Mahendra is an Indian spice tycoon wanting to expand his business in South Africa. Virendra is initially wary of Mahendra’s expansion plans, but sees the latter’s entry as a tool to expand his own business. Unknown to Virendra, Mahendra is actually a well disguised man named Om Srivastav. Om has a bigger agenda than becoming a tycoon. Mahendra & Virendra strike a deal, upon which Virendra is invited to a house in forest for celebration. Once there, Mahendra reveals his true face to Virendra, who is revealed to know Om. Om kills Virendra and covers up his death. Later, he shows up at Virendra’s funeral, claiming that he and Virendra met in India, where they became friends. Rajeshwari suspects him from day one and finds his timing suspicious. Suman too is particularly unhappy on seeing Om. Suman reveals to her mother-in-law that she & Om were in love with each other, but her father got her married to Virendra, the son of her father’s old friend. Suman tells her that she had told Virendra about the relationship, after which he told her to go with Om. Instead, she stayed with Virendra, being overwhelmed by his compassion. However, Virendra thought that Suman was a gold-digger, explaining his attitude towards her. Meanwhile, a cat and mouse game starts between Om and Rajeshwari, in which she nearly exposes him. Om is able to save his skin once again, but Rajeshwari gets a feeling that Om is hurt by something. Rajeshwari thinks that Om may not be a killer & she has inadvertently hurt the wrong man. She goes to apologize, but finds many pictures of her at his apartment. Rajeshwari thinks that Om was hurt because he was secretly in love with her. Rajeshwari asks for an apology & Om plays along. Suman becomes both jealous & uneasy of this new relationship. She and Rajeshwari finally get into a fight, where she almost slaps Rajeshwari. Rajeshwari leaves her home in a huff and tells everything to Om, who shocks her by slapping her. An angered Om goes on to tell her everything, finally confessing his sin. Before Rajeshwari can do anything, he throws her in a dry well & escapes in his car. Suman tries to find Rajeshwari at Om’s place. Om feigns ignorance and the duo start to search for her, with Om deliberately misleading Suman. Rajeshwari screams for help, until Zafrani comes to that place. He rescues her and she darts back to locate Om. When she finally finds Om with Suman, she is fully convinced that her brother’s murder was a pre-meditated by Om & Suman. Seeing his plans failing, Om overpowers the duo & ties them up. He confesses the crime before Suman, making Rajeshwari realize that Suman is in fact innocent. Then Om reveals his motive. It is revealed that after learning about Om from Suman, Virendra had secretly come with his goons, assaulted Om, killed his father & raped his sisters, forcing them to commit suicide. Om readies himself to mow Rajeshwari and Suman down, but Zafrani arrives there with a police team. The women are rescued, but Om drives his car into the valley making them realize that Om was going to commit suicide to avoid police, now that his work was done. The women return home distraught

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