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Intermediate hatha yoga for Emotional Awareness – Yoga Videos 2017

Intermediate hatha yoga for Emotional Awareness – Yoga for Emotional Healing Series. Watch Online hatha yoga for Emotional Awareness On PromoChannels.com Emotions in and of themselves are not a problem. They are simply expressions of awakened energy. Emotional awareness allows us to experience an emotion and let go into that direct experience. We can be immediately present with whatever emotion is experienced in a direct way. We can experience each emotion in a fresh and new way.

What is emotional awareness? It means being completely present and open with the emotion. With emotional awareness we are free in the experience of whatever emotion arises. We are with the straight, undiluted, essence experience of the emotion.

What normally happens however, is that we experience an emotion and then we shut down. We retract from the pure, undiluted experience of the emotion and pull back from it. We do this by trying to figure it out. We try to figure out why we are feeling the emotion and where it came from and how to resolve it. In short we begin to attach a story to the emotion.

About a week ago I was overcome with sadness. The direct experience of the emotion was quite overwhelming. I pulled back from it. I tried to figure out, why am I sad? Where did this emotion of sadness come from? I went back through my whole day and all my interactions and tried to blame my sadness on somebody else as though I caught it like a flu bug. There is no end to finding the storyline, you can go back through your whole life, through your whole childhood, you can go back into your past lives if you want to as well. There is no end to pulling away from the intensity of the direct experience of the emotion. Sadness, like any other emotion is simply a human emotion, a play of energy, but there is a desire to justify them, explain them, attach a storyline to them and most of all to resolve them. In my case, I walked right into the grocery store, bought I family size bag of chips and sat down and ate the whole thing. Then I felt sad but I also had a bigger embodied sensation of a stomach ache that allowed me to cover up the direct immediate, undiluted experience of sadness.

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