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5 Stretches to get you Feeling Flexible

5 Stretches to get you Feeling Flexible and Thinking Positively. Stretching is SO important for your body and something we should all aim to do more often. Plus, it’s the perfect way to relax after a long, stressful day. I mean, can I just stay like this forever?? Today I’m bringing you 5 stretches that will help you increase your flexibility along with 5 tips on how to have a positive mindset. The body and mind are connected, so let’s take care of them both!

Your 5 stretches are:

1. The Lizard
2. Heeled Pyramid
3. Figure Four Hold
4. Laying Twist
5. Happy Baby To Happy Adult

Your 5 tips for positivity are:

1. Positive affirmations
2. Be grateful for the small things
3. Turn failures into lessons
4. Don’t play the victim
5. Remember that no one is perfect

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